XIXUN A31 3G Full Color LED Display Controller

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xixun A31
XIXUN A31 3G full color led display screen controller,3G Wireless Solution Asynchronous Control Card RGB 400x256 Pixels

Xixun A31 3G full color led display controller is the 1st type that combines the 3G wireless communication feature in led display control system.which have simple installation, easy setup and powerful software program,low cost.

mainly used for display advertisements in communities or streets by many advertisement companies in domestic and overseas.such as vehicle-mounted led display,outdoor advertisement issue system,traffic guidance information system.

support centralized management and online/offline status check at any time by using Led Data Server software
support transfer big file in high speed
no distance limitation
no need to do wiring work 
Support wireless GPRS, 3G,and wire internet, customer can decide on which fit in they country or area 

Customer should know the 3G model before buying this 3G controller.

Technical parameters:

Product name Xixun A31 3G full color led display controller
max pixels 320x256(full color)
Support color Full color can display red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan and white.
Hub 2 standard hub via expansion board support
SIM Card Plug SIM card in directly
grey grade 4096
storage up to 500MB
Communication type Integrates 3G modem--WDCDMA, support network and USB port
audio USB sound card (optional)
led module's type outdoor and indoor
display on schedule support
flash format support GIF,SWF
image format support BMP,GIF,WMF,JPG,ICO
video format support AVI,WMV,MOV,DAT,MPG,VOB,FLV,MP4
text format support TXT,RTF
display text support statistic text/ multi-line / single-line
time support digital and analog clock
Table editing table randomly
timekeeping support
upgrade storage upgrade storage by U-dis
sensor measure temperature and humidity,
auto-measure brightness and exchange program by Infrared remote
software LEDSet2.0/LEDEditor/LedDataServer
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