VDWALL LVP8601 Multi-Windows Sync Processor

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VDWALL LVP8601 Multi-Windows Sync Processor CVBS x 4 VGA x 4, DVI x 4, SDI / HD-SDI x 4 each input/output price separated

Product name:
VDWALL LVP8601 Multi-Windows Sync Processor.(Free of DHL shipping)

Large venus display applications such as: TV broadcast center, Rental Performance, large-scale stage and theatre, exhibition, high-end meeting etc

Product Features:

  • An all-in-one processor integrating multi-display ,mix matrix switching, pixel-to-pixel sync mosaic
  • Outputs: 8 DVI FULL HD digital outputs, each with maximal resolution up to 1920 x 1080@60Hz
  • Adopting crosspoint high bandwith and high daterate transmission technology 
  • Synchronous mosaic technology: to realize mosaic processing of ultra HD video displayed by multi-display graphics card or networking player
  • Supports zoom mosaic or pixel-to-pixel mosaic, single unit can maximumly support horizontal 15360 pixels or vertical 8640 lines
  • 4-picture preview output
  • Inputs: HD+SD, analog+digital, totally 16 inputs including: SDI / HD-SDI x 4, CVBS x 4, DVI x 4, VGA x 4,
  • 4K2K ultra high-definition dynamic background picture 
  • Support Multiple pre-saved modes, Seamless switching or fade-in / fade-out switching between different modes
  • State-of-the-art motion adaptive de-interlacing technology: to eliminate trailing or jaggies of motion pictures
  • Image and text overlap supported, AIAO ( Any In Any Out ) allows for displaying any captured picture in any specific area on screen 
  • Seamless switching or fade-in / fade-out switching between any two input signals
  • Convenient panel / USB / RS232 / LAN control and setup

Product Specifications :

DVI Format 1920×1080@50Hz / 60Hz
Nums / Type 8×DVI 
Output Connectors DVI:24+1 DVI_D
Preview Output 1 × DVI (Out-K or Out-L)
Video System PAL / NTSC
Nums / Type 4 x SDI / HD-SDI / 3G-SDI
4 x DVI(VESA / CEA-861)
4 x Video
Composite Video
Scope / Impedance
1V(p_p)/ 75Ω
VGA Scope / Impedance R、G、B = 0.7 V(p_p)/ 75Ω
VGA Format PC(VESA ) ≤1920x1080@60Hz
DVI Format HDMI-1.3(CEA-861)
Input Connectors SDI:BNC / 75Ω
VGA:15pin D_Sub( female )
DVI:24+1 DVI_D
576i @50Hz
480i @60Hz 
Humidity 15-85% 
Input Voltage 100-240VAC  50W  50/60Hz 
Operating Temp 5-40 ℃ 
Control RS232 / LAN / USB
Consumption ≤100W
size 482.6( Length ) x 300 ( Width ) x 89 ( Height )mm
Net Weight 5Kg
Gross weight 9Kg

Feature one : Centralized control of multiple display

LVP8601 Multi-Windows Sync Processor

Feature two : Multi-display supported and pre-saved multiple user-defined display modes, press one key to randomly select a mode

LVP8601 Multi-Windows Sync Processor


Connection Diagram:

 LVP8601 Multi-Windows Sync Processor Connection Diagram

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