TF-GSM-A21 GSM modem LED Sign Controller

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TF-GSM-A21 GSM Modem single & dual Color LED display control Card Support 1024×16 pixels

Product name:
TF-GSM-A21 GSM Modem single & dual Color LED display control Card Support 1024×16 pixels

Product Specifications :

Usage Indoor/outdoor
Pixel Double color:800×16;400×32;
Single Color:1024×16;800×32;
Function introduction GSM wireless updated content,large storage,dazzle colour frame and the zoning display;
more kinds of fonts
Word stock 16x16 and 32x32 bitmap fonts
Storage Article 400 information can be stored,each information up to 180 Chinese characters,
can store 20000 Chinese characters in total
Ports one 08 port; two12 ports
Scanning mode support 1/16,1/8,1/4 Scan the monochrome,double color module.
Partition function In four area independent broadcast
Border Support for multiple dazzle colour frame effect,the area independent display
Display rain,fountain,scroll and much more
Binging number Can bind the phone number,filtering spam messages
Message Receive a text message,programmable buzzer remind,debug
Information type Text,dial clock,text clock
Brightness Level 16 brightness,support manual move bright,
according to the time of the regular support brightness
Test button On-board test button,can switch over to test mode and color test mode
Working temperature -20℃~50℃
Electrical parameters +5V DC(4.5V~6V),Power consumption<2.5W
dimension 50mm×108mm,Hole spacing:40mm×90mm
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