ONBON BX-VS Synchronous full color led sending card

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ONBON BX-VS Synchronous full color led sending card support 1280*1024

Product name:
ONBON BX-VS Synchronous full color led sending card

1. Better performance Gigabit network control technology: BX Gigabit network synchronization controller 1280 * 768 dots can remain at 22 per second for smooth playback, the general configuration of the computer CPU share is only about 65%; this means that for 100 million points of LED display, with no need to configure synchronization controller BX send cards;
2. Convenient high refresh technology: BX synchronous controller supports three play modes (high brush shooting mode / recommended mode / Text mode), users need to easily switch according to their own use;
3. richer display: the display is an important performance indicator LED full color display. Display technology to enhance not only dependent on the hardware, but also inseparable from leading advanced software technology; "LedshowTV multimedia studio" on a number of industry-leading software innovation technology to effectively enhance the performance of full-color LED display.
4. A more complete product line: BX full-color controller to meet the diverse needs of the more obvious advantages of the future;
5. Better user experience: more features and more fool operation, BX controller pursue the ultimate user experience;
6. Hardware System Online upgrade: maximize the protection of the interests of users

Technical parameters:

Product name ONBON BX-VS Synchronous full color led sending card
Single card control area 1280*1024
Grey Scale 65536
data source interface DVI
data output interface 2 Gigabit network port 
Maximum power ≤4W
Working voltage 4V~6.5V
Working temperature -40°C~80°C
Software LEDShowTV 2015
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