MoonCell VCMA7-V10 sending Card

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MoonCell VCMA7-V10 sending Card

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MoonCell VCMA7-V10 sending Card

VCMA7-V10 is old version sending card, if you order VCMA7-V10, we will send you the latest version VCMA7-V30 sender card .

Product features:

Automatic set communication
monitoring function:
the system will receive automatically detect new or replacement card insert, update receive card driver files.
Loading area: each sending card carrying the total points of 1280X1024,
single network port loading points 1280X512,
maximum support resolution 2048X1152,
support 10bit video input. Two sending card cascade load 2048X1280.
Support for 10 bit color: 8 color only general system shows that 256X256X256=16777216 color system color,
our number is 1024X1024X1024=1073741824 colors, is 64 times the general system.
Intelligent network line hot backup function: single / dual card hot backup function, receiving card gigabit network interface (RJ45) port two
can be used as input or output, when a network problem, another cable automatic relay control,
switching time ≤ 0.1 seconds, the display is normal work the maximum security.
Support hardware point by point correction, detection function: the correction function is to realize the brightness, chromaticity correction function and
Mosier ordinary camera calibration system, and point by point detection function is
associated with the point by point detection function with the realization of the constant current driver.
Ultra long transmission distance: the maximum transmission distance up to 170 meters (measured), reliable transmission distance up to 140 meters.
Multi screen sync and combination function: support box connected arbitrarily, support a transmitting card control with multiple screens,
a plurality of screen working state can be run independently of any combination, synchronous display, etc..
At the same time support box module 1 to send cards to control different specifications.
Each network interface concatenated supports up to 253 Zhang receiving card.


VCMA7-V10 before sending card is fully compatible with no finger sending card.
And in the original foundation strive for further improvement, not only the appearance design,
also add more new functions and process improvements, so that users can more handy operation, more convenient.
Support the display drive: drive chip with PWM (MBI5024, MBI5050), the refresh rate from a constant current drive chip itself.
Loading area: each sending card carrying the total points of 1280X1024, single network port loading points 1280X512,
maximum support 2048X1152 resolution. Two sending card cascade load 2048X1280. Support the largest single cassette height 1200.
Boot screen gradually: from dark to light, in order to reduce the LED large screen instantly send electrical load.
DVI double backup: running full intelligent network line hot backup function, a card sending card DVI suddenly no signal, send another DVI and network signal and switch signal.
3D: red and blue, red and green 3D stereo picture, need special glasses.
working voltage: 3.5V-6V.
Operating temperature: -20°C ~+65°C

What is Included:
1 x MoonCell VCMA7-V10 sending Card
1 x DVI cable
1 x USB cable

(For software CD & manual´╝îyou can ask for link to download)

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