Lumen C-Power5200 LED Screen Controller Card

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Lumen C-Power5200 RGB Gray Scale LED Screen Controller Card Asynchronous Card

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Lumen C-Power5200 RGB Gray Scale LED Screen Controller Card Asynchronous Card

Full color Gray Scale LED Display Screen TCP/IP/Etherent/RJ45 C-Power5200 Controller Card with Free Hub Board

Lumen C-Power5200 control system is for advanced full-color gray-scale graph led screen, which is released by Shenzhen Lumen Electronics Co. Ltd. With more functions,higer performance and larger memory

Product Specifications :

Memory Font library space: 128M
Program size: 128M
Totol size: 256MByte(2GMbit) 
Control size
(full, mono/RG color)
65,536 pixels, 256-grade gray scales Self adjustment the size,
such as  768*80 / 256*256 / 512*128 /1024*64 
window mode
Supports playing the content in different formats for each playing window.
Supports the segmentation of up to ten playing windows for each program.
  • All programs are transmitted by compression package, and then decompressed on control card. 
  • With multi-program mode. Stores up to 512 programs to the Led screen. 
  • Supports animation(swf,gif), text, picture, temperature, clock, etc. 
  • Transparent text and clock program can be edit to cover photo or video
  • Text program edit in any language, any font and any size, free adjust
  • With hierarchical management of programs in menu type so as to keep clear structure and convenient maintenance. 
  • More than 60 effects for text and picture, such as: mosaic,snow fall, fan open, slide zebra, etc.
  • Supports programs played at the appointed period (for example: hour, minute, week )
  • Supports AVI video program NEW!
Font library 128MB font library space
The card can be stored different fond library and can be changed free, such as English,Korean,Japanese,simplified Chinese,traditional Chinese and etc.
Affiliated features Supports sensors installed externally (32-grade brightness)
Supports environmental data programs like temperature, etc
Supports real-time clock (RTC) management and setting, support digital and analogue clock
USB flash disk version: USB interface
RS232/RS485: maximum baud rate: 115200
network version: TCP/IP network interface, encrypted message transmission
communication components
Supports various wireless communication modes: GPRS/CDMA, ZigBee, RF...
remote & keyboard
Program list edit and display control by infrared controller or keyboard
Others Provides demonstration program and source code for customized development
Provides customized development interface and its manual.
Besides, provides “Wireless information issue” version.
Standard software LedCenter V3.53 or above
LedCenterV3.54 or above (to support video)
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