Linsn EB701 distributor sender HUB

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Linsn EB701 Distributor Sender HUB,Linsn Splitter EB701 distributor sender HUB LED full color display, Led screen
EB701 Sender Hub is specialized for multi-screens and super large led screens
It possesses one input ports and eight output ports
Support one input eight output or double two input four output, support switching function automatically.
It supports multi-card cascade if used as one spliting to eight module, Up to eight cards can be cascaded up, which means one split to sixty four

 Linsn EB701

led display controller-Linsn EB701

Functions & Features:

When in one large led display which many receiving cards connecting together, EB701, the splitter has the following purpose:
1. To minimize signal delay and signal lost problem caused by failure receiving cards or cables;
2. Easy to locate the malfunction cabinets;
3. Keep most the led display working while maintenance the malfunction cabinets.

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Linsn EB701
Linsn EB701

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