Huidu Temperature/Humidity/Brightness Sensor Box

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Huidu Temperature/Humidity/Brightness Sensor Box

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Huidu Temperature/Humidity/Brightness Sensor Box

RGB Full Color Function Sensor Box Support IR,Temperature/Humidity,Brightness Sensor Work With HD-D10/D20/D30/C10/C30/A30.

RGB function module include 3 part: IR(remote control)、Temperature/humidity sensor、brightness sensor. Applying to each RGB control card(HD-D10/D20/D30/C10/C30/A30/A30+/C1/C3)

IR(remote control) : receiving order from remote control, mainly be used in remote control screen on and off, choosing program,adjusting brightness, testing screen, and so on.
Buzzer : Pressing remote control ,buzzer will go off.
Temperature/humidity sensor : Sensing the local environment Temperature and humidity, showing on the led screen.
Brightness sensor : Sensing the local environment brightness, automatic adjust led screen brightness . The light is strong during the day,screen need brighter;on night the light is weak,screen darker, avoid glare

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