DBSTAR DBS-HRV13S LED Receiving Card

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DBSTAR DBS-HRV13S full color LED Display Receiving card Latest version

DBSTAR DBS-HRV13S full color LED Display Receiving card, is the update version of HRV11S,HRV12S. also compatible with them.

Product Features:
1:Support Screen Type:single color, dual color,full color, real pixel,vitual pixel
2:Support for LED driver ICS:MBI5030/5036/5039/5041/5042/5224/5050/6020/6030/6024/
3:The number of single cable cascade receiving card:Typical values<100,Maximum value:255
4:Pixels by single receiving card:256*128(full color),256*192(full color+Expansion port),1024*512(dual color), 512*384(full color),512*512(full color+Expansion port,1280*512(dual color)
5:RGB data groups by single receiving card:standard(16~24), max(24)
6:Lines by one group RGB:1~32
7:grey grades:4096(4K) ~ 65536(64K)
8:Data CLK frequency:15.62 ~31.25
9:Refresh rate:180HZ~3600HZ
10:PWM brightness adjust degree:256 may automatically adjust by brightness
11:Dot by dot revise pixels by PWM brightness:128*128(chroma calibratin),256*128(brightness calibration)

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