DBSTAR DBS-HRV12MN Synchronous LED Receiver Card

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DBSTAR DBS-HRV12MN Synchronous LED receiver card

Product Name:
DBSTAR DBS-HRV12MN Synchronous LED receiver card

Product Features:
1; Compatible with HRV09MN
2:Special design to allow the LED Screen to pass EMC test easily
3:Support program backup,temperature monitoring
4:Support on-borad fan swtich, some output ports signals can be adjusted
5:Support program custom and modifications
6:Working voltage range:2.5 ~ 12V DC. 

Technical parameters:

paramters paremeters
Supported led screen type Single, Double, full color,double.real,virtual,RGBW/RGBY four color
Supported led drivers MBI/5208/5030/5039/5041/5224/5050/6020/6030/LPD6903/DM13H
TB62D722/TC62D776/RFT3630/SD16749/P2 502
Number of receiving cards connected by cables 1 ~ 255
Pixels by single receiving cards 256*192(full color)
1024*512(dual color)
Pixels connecting with receiving Cards 1920*1080
RGB data groups by single cards 24-64
Lines by one group RGB 1-32
Greay grades 4096(4K)-65536(64K)
Data CLK frequency 15.62MHZ--31.25MHZ
Refresh rate 180--3600HZ
PWM brightness adjustment degree 256 (may automatically adjust by brightness sensor)
Electronic current plus brigtness adjustment grade 256
Pixels on open circuit and short circuit error detection static:2048*16;
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