DBSTAR DBS-HRV11E Synchronous Receiving Card

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DBSTAR DBS-HRV11E synchronous receiving card,LED screen receiver card support single-color dual-color fullcolor

DBSTAR DBS-HRV11E synchronous receiving card

Product Features:
this controller card has the most functions of HRV11S/HRV09S and HRV11A Contains
,and also has the special features as below:
1.Adopt deletromagnetic compatibilit technique to allow the LEDscreen to pass EMC test easily
2.Support more functional development and expand
3.Support more led drivers
4.Controller voltage,cable error rate and module temperature monitor
5.Adopt the V-PWM3 proprietary technique
6.Receiving card with relay realise fan control and so on

Product Specifications :

Supported Screen type single color, dual color,full color, real pixel,vitual pixel
Supported LED Drivers MBI5026/5027/5028/5030/5036/5039/5041/5042/5050/6020/6030/6024/5224/
Number of receiving cards connected by cable 1~255
Pixels by single receiving card 256x192(full color)
1024x512(dual color) 
RGB data group by single receiving card 16~24
Lines by one group RGB 1~32
Grea grades 4096(4K) ~ 65536(64K)
Data CLK frequency 15.62MHz~31.25MHz
Refresh rate 180Hz ~ 3600Hz
PWM brightness adjust degree 256 (can automatically adjust by brightness sensor)
Electronic current plus brightness
adjust grade 
Dot by dot revise pixels by PWM brightness 128x128 (chroma calibration)
128x256 (brightness calibration) 
Pixels on open circuit and short
circuit error detection


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