Colorlight 5A-75 LED display receiver card

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Colorlight 5A-75
Colorlight 5A-75 LED full color display receivier card, used in the synchronous controller system led screen receiver card

Colorlight 5A-75 LED display receiver card was designed for cost savings to customers, reduce points of fault and the fault probability. 5A-75 receiver card , based on 5A receiver card, integrate the most common HUB75, to ensure high-quality display of the premise, more reliable, more worry, more affordable.

• Integrated HUB75, more convenient and lower cost.
• Superior display quality: high refresh rate, high color depth, and high brightness with the conventional chips.
• Supports all types of display module of the mainstream products (5A means any row, any column, any scan, any chips, and any shape).
• The use of more advanced algorithms, so that the receiving card to maximize the use of resources in order to improve display quality.
• Supports for high-precision pixel-by- pixel calibration in the Brightness and the chromaticity.
• Support for large area display.
• Professional design and strict testing to ensure high quality and reliable.
• Supports all conventional sending card of ColorLight, such as T7 sending card, Q7 HD Sender, Gigabit NIC, DMB, etc.

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