ZDEC V82RV01 LED Display Receiving Card

ZDEC V82RV01 LED Display Receiving Card

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Product Name:
ZDEC V82RV01 LED Display Receiving Card. (ZQ-V8-RV01)

V82RV01 LED receiver card is a device which designed for receiving full color pixel data used in
mega-size LED display and it supports general architecture LED display.

Product Features:
1: Gigahertz technique
2: 16 groups/32 groups /64 groups serial data output optional
3: 16 groups/20 groups parallel data output optional
4: Support LED indicator port
5: Support mono-color display, dual-color display, tri-color real display and virtual display
6: Support cabinet detection
7: Support 8bit brightness correction or 16bit color correction
8: Support 74HC138 or 74HC595 row decoder, and output ghost-canceling signal
9: Supports 1 to 32 arbitrary scan


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