XIXUN M20 Full Color LED Sign Controller

XIXUN M20 Full color LED sign controller,support wireless 3G and GPRS,4096 Gray Grade LED Control Card

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XIXUN (Sysolution) M20 Full Color LED sign controller support GPRS and 3G router to work together.also have the features of simple installation,easy setup and powerful software program,low cost.big storage(up to 500M), and smooth video.

Technical parameters:

max pixels 320x128(full color)
CPU OS:enbedded Linux
ARM 9 microprocessor
grey grade 4096
storage up to 500MB
Communication port network/Serial port/U-disk
Communication type 3G/RF/GPRS/LAN/Internet
Audio play USB sound card (optional)
led module's type outdoor and indoor
Animation support GIF,SWF
graphics support BMP,GIF,WMF,JPG,ICO
video format support mpg,asf,mp4,mpeg,wmv,dat,vod,flv,mov format,etc
Multi-window technology support
LED brightness Auto adjust
IR brightness,select program support
Display Time,Temperature,
Humidity and countdown
upgrade storage upgrade storage by U-dis
software LEDSet2.0/LEDEditor/LedDataServer

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