Novastar MRV300-1 Full Clolor LED Display Receiving Card

Novastar MRV300-1 Full clolor LED Display Receiving Card

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Nova M3 MRV300-1 is the standard model of Nova receiving card. It has the
following characteristics:

1 the Single card output RGBR 'data, expandable to 32 group;
2 single card output RGB data set of 20;
3. Single card output serial data 64 expandable to 128;The Single cassette upload pixels to 256 × 128;
5 support configuration file readback;
6 support program replication;
7 support temperature monitoring.
Support network cable communication state detection;
9 support the supply voltage detection;
10 support the vast majority of chips high gray high refresh;
11 support general-purpose chip and with a current gain chip high ash low light mode;
12 support gradually lit chroma correction, every single lamp has bright colors degree correction coefficient;
13 Support the receiver card stored picture settings;
14. Comply with EU RoHs standards;
15 in line with EU standards CE-EMC;


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