Novastar MON300 LED Display Monitor Card

Novastar MON300 LED display Monitor Card used together with receiving card MRV320

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Product Name:
Novastar MON300 LED display Monitor Card
Nova M3 MON300 is a monitor card designed specifically for engineering projects and projects with high requirements of safety. 

Product features:
1) Used together with receiving card MRV320;
2) Support LED open and short circuit detection (drive IC support required);
3) Support flat cable fault detection;
4) Support cabinet humidity detection (no extra purchase necessary);
5) Support cabinet temperature detection (no extra purchase necessary);
6) Support 8-way power supply voltage detection;
7) Support 4-way fan speed detection;
8) Cabinet door open/close status detection supported;
9) Monitor card HUB required for LED status inspection or flat cable


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