DBSTAR DBS-HVT11out Full Color LED Sync Controller

DBSTAR DBS-HVT11out LED Sync Controller, full color LED display synchronous sending card

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DBSTAR DBS-HVT11out LED Sync Controller, full color LED display synchronous sending card

The functions is same to DBS-HVT11in ,but not need to insert into computer;

1. Support RGB, each color 10bit, the highest support 1 billion kinds of color;
2. Support VGA analog signal input;
3. Support double line hot backup function;
4. Voice transmission function, double track 24 bit and KHZ hi-fi digital signal - > analog signal. Analog signal - > digital signal conversion, let the screen video effect more perfect;
5. Rotation Angle: 0 , 90, 180, 270 ;
6. Support HDMI digital signal input (need with the special HDMI conversion board) (the HDMI1.3 B standard, support HDCP1.2 agreement);
7.Supports through the software and hardware Settings system encryption time.
8. Support the DVI digital signal input;
9. Can through the software installed system encryption time;
10.Double network ports arrangement, any empty lines, arbitrary plug line.
11.Supports switch screen functionby hardware button ;
12.Supports PWM adjust brightness by hardware button;
13.Supports OE adjust brightness by hardware button;
14.Supports 1920*512dots,1600*768dots,1280*1024dots,only for DBS receiveing card DBS-HTV09S,DBS-HTV11,


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